Staff - Practice

Practice Manager:


Assistant Practice Manager:



The management team run the business aspects of the practice and support all other members of staff including the GPs. They will be able to deal with any administration issues or any complaints.


IT Lead:

Leighan - Manages the technology aspects of the practice.

Admin Staff

All staff do many different jobs within the practice however specialise in certain areas. See below for each member of staffs specialised area. This will allow you to see who is best to talk to regarding certain issues but any member of staff will answer any query you have.

Michaela - Specialises in all Medical Reports.

Rachel - Specialises in Immunisations.

Debbie - Specialises in Shared Care Agreements.

These are our administration staff usually based at reception. These members of staff are experienced in customer care, all trained in many areas including being able to Chaperone if one is required, first aid and many more. They are there to help you at all times. Please speak to them about any queries you have and they will always do their best to help.


Caroline - Speciaises in referrals and letters.

Melanie - Works in both Secretarial and Administrative areas of the surgery. Specialises in referrals, smear and Diabetic reviews.

Frances - Our newest secretary at the surgery

The secretaries will provide patients secretarial support such as hospital appointment queries. They are usually based at the back of the office however you may also see them at reception time to time.


Rose and Mandy support the surgery by maintaining our cleanliness at all times.


Whitwick Road Surgery

Whitwick Road
LE67 3FA
Tel: 01530 836507
Fax: 01530 836615



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